Wet Tropics Expeditions

Some of our Wet Tropics endemic species are very hard to target and require a bit of time searching for them. They are unreliable targets; for multiple reasons: these species are rare, they have very large home ranges, in difficult to access places, or could just be very cryptic and elusive.  Patrick has put together some expeditions which will increase your chances of seeing each of these hard to find species. His skills and knowledge give him the edge in finding these animals. It is not only about knowing where to look, but also what to look for. To see the signs of their presence, know their behaviour, what these animals feed on etc. The term 'expedition' and not 'tour' refers to the low degree of reliability of getting these animals. When on such an expedition, we will of course come across other species than the main target. Expedition reports will end up in the Wildlife Diaries.  

Mahogany Glider Expedition - 2 Nights - 2 days

Two nocturnal sessions with a possible two before dawn sessions added to find the endangered Mahogany Glider. Sharman's Rock-wallaby is also targeted. 

  • Max. 3 persons
  • Pick up in Atherton, Malanda,Innisfail, or Ingham
  • Accommodation NOT included, but can be quoted
  • meals NOT included, but can be quoted
  • Can be booked throughout the year; depending on availability
AU$ 600 per person  (minimum 2 persons)             AU$ 1,000 Single  

Sharman's Rock-wallaby (Petrogale sharmani)

Mahogany Glider

Mahogany Glider (Petaurus gracilis)



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