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CAPE YORK TOUR (Tailored) - camping
12-20 November 2018 (9 days)
Northern Wet Tropics, Lakefield NP, Iron Range

AUD 3,500
All meals included                                               8 spotlighting sessions

Contact Patrick for more info: patrick@eyesonwildlife.com.au


Common Spotted Cuscus, Southern Common Cuscus, Cinnamon Antechinus, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Long-nosed Echymipera, Bennett's Tree Kangaroo, Godman's Rock Wallkaby, Cape York Rock Wallaby, several bat species, etc...

Palm Cockatoo, Eclectus Parrot, Red-checked Parrot, Marbled Frogmouth, Frill-necked Monarch, Yellow-legged Flycatcher, White-faced Robin, Magnificent Riflebird, Northern Scrub-robin, Black-backed Butcherbird, Crimson Finch (white-bellied race), etc...

Green Python, Black Mountain Gecko, Yellow-spotted Monitor, Black-headed Python, etc... 

If you can't find the tour you are looking for, please contact Patrick!


Here are some alternative suggestions to the tours on offer:

  • Wet Tropics 2, 3, 4 day tours
  • Lakefield National Park (3 days)
  • Iron Range National Park + Lakefield National Park 
  • Focus on finches (Crimson Finch - both races, Black-throated Finch, Chestnut-breasted Mannikin, Starfinch, Zebra Finch, Double-barred Finch, Nutmeg Mannikin, Plum-headed Finch)
  • All bowerbirds: Great Bowerbird, Satin Bowerbird (race minor), Golden Bowerbird, Tooth-billed Bowerbird -in half a day.



outside Australia: +61 439 817 214
In australia: 0439817214