Nocturnal Exploration Tour

Atherton area (4hrs)

This night tour is an extended version of the Nocturnal Wet Tropics Tour (2.5hrs) which already targets3-5 possum species, rodents, geckos, frogs and other wildlife. This longer version gives us time to also look for Northern Greater Glider (image), Eastern Ring-tailed Possum and Rufous Bettong. The Northern Greater Glider is a folivore and the largest glider in Australia. 

Between July and December, we also try to get Yellow-bellied Glider, Krefft's Glider and the smallest gliding mammal in the world, the Broad-toed Feather-tailed Glider (image). Our chances of getting these three species are much higher when the sap-trees that the Yellow-bellied Gliders frequent are producing sap. Yellow-bellied Gliders feed on the sap of Eucalyptus resinifera. 

AU$ 200 per person (min. 2 pers - max. 7 pers)

PRIVATE - AU$ 300 p.p. (photography focus, specific targets) - min. 2 p - max. 4 p. 

Carbon offsetting contribution included in tour price: AU$ 3 per person

Start at Atherton Visitor Information Centre at agreed time.  

Mareeba area (4 hrs)

The Lamb Range version of this nighttour will have us explore different kinds of habitat with a chance of seeing the following mammals: the endangered Northern Bettong (image), Eastern Ring-tailed Possum, Common Brush-tailed Possum, Green Ring-tailed Possum, Lemuroid Ring-tailed Possum, Striped Possum, Northern Quoll (image) and Common Rock Rat, Common Wallaroo and Whip-tailed Wallaby. Large-tailed Nightjar and White-throated Nightjar are sometimes seen on this tour as well as Tawny Frogmouth and Australian Owlet-nightjar. If you wanted to target any of these harder to find animals specifically to increase your chances, then it is best to book a private tour as other areas will then be visited to increase your chances of seeing the targeted wildlife.  

AU$ 230 per person (min. 2 pers - max. 4 pers)

PRIVATE - AU$ 300 p.p. (photography focus, specific targets) - min. 2 persons 

Carbon offsetting contribution included in tour price: AU$ 3 per person

Pick up at agreed time in Atherton or Mareeba. 

Binoculars provided.

Mt Lewis - Julatten area (5 hrs)

Mt Lewis NP is home to some other special Wet Tropics endemic wildlife that is not targeted on the other two nocturnal exploration tours. This tour is about 6-7 hrs from pick up till return to your accommodation as it takes time to head up the mountain. Start time depends on the time of year. This tour requires a before-dinner departure.

Wildlife in focus: Daintree River Ring-tailed Possum, the undescribed Tree Mouse (AKA Prehensile-tailed Rat), Long-tailed Pygmy Possum, Pygmy White-tailed Rat, Fawn-footed Melomys and Bush Rat. There are also a few nursery frog species that can be found up the mountain apart from some more common species, as well as Lesser Sooty Owl, Little Red Boobook and with a very low probability, Northern Spotted-tailed Quoll and the white morph of the Lemuroid Ring-tailed Possum. There is also Green Ring-tailed Possum, Giant White-tailed Rat and a number of bats among which Diadem Leaf-nosed Bat.

AU$ 300 per person (min. 2 pers - max. 4 pers)

PRIVATE - AU$ 400 p.p. (photography focus, specific targets) - min. 2 persons 

Carbon offsetting contribution included in tour price: AU$ 5 per person

Pick up in Julatten or Mareeba.

Specific target/photography FOCUS

If you are interested in getting professional standard images of the animals mentioned above, or you only want to focus on one, or some of these species, it is best to book a private session. Any animals mentioned in the general wildlife focus version can be targeted specifically. You can focus on owls only, frogs only, some of the gliders, Northern Bettong, Pygmy White-tailed Rat or the white morph of the Lemuroid Ringtail Possum. When conducting private tours, or when focusing on specific species, we can go anywhere within reach with the time available

Because the tour is private, Patrick can focus on your needs only and help you with your photography gear or setup to get the best shots, or best views. A specific focus tour will also increase your chances of seeing a certain animal as all the time available is spent searching looking for it. This is not the case on the general wildlife focus. More than one species can be targeted on a specific focus session. How many can be targeted will depend on the species. Each species might require a different kind of habitat. 


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