Mammals Galore Tour

The Mammals Galore Tour is a half day afternoon tour (4hrs) followed by a nocturnal tour (2.5 hrs)with the focus on mammals. It's the most time efficient tour when you prefer to focus on mammals. Of course, we won't walk past birds, reptiles and other wildlife you are interested in. On average, we get between 10 and 15 mammals on this tour. Gliders are regularly seen from July-December.

Mammals that can be targeted on this tour are:

Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo (Wet Tropics endemic = WTend.), Musky Rat-kangaroo (WTend.), Red-legged Pademelon, Platypus, Green Ringtail Possum (WTend.), Herbert River Ringtail Possum (WTend.), Lemuroid Ringtail Possum (WTend.), Common Brushtail Possum, Northern Yellow-bellied Glider (WTend.), Feathertail Glider, Sugar Glider, Greater Glider, Striped Possum, Rufous Bettong, Long-nosed Bandicoot, Northern Brown Bandicoot, Long-tailed Pygmy Possum, Giant White-tailed Rat, Fawn-footed Melomys, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Whiptail Wallaby, Agile Wallaby and several bats.

If you are interested in specifically targeting any of these species, or you would like to see mammals that are not in the list such as Northern Bettong (WTend.), Daintree River Ringtail Possum (WTend.), Bennett's Tree Kangaroo (WTend.), Pygmy White-tailed Rat (WTend.) or others, contact Patrick.

The daytime part of the tour has a maximum of 4 guests . The nocturnal part can have a maximum of 6 guests. 

Pick up at accommodation or meeting point in the Atherton or Mareeba area. Pick up in Cairns is $30.00 extra per person.


$230 per person (min. 2 pers.) / extra adult: $80 / single: $460 / child (-16): $60 


OUTSIDE AUSTRALIA: +61 439 817 214
IN AUSTRALIA: 0439817214