Cairns - Cassowary Coast Birding Tour (2 days)

This tour is an extended version of the Cairns Birding Tour. On this tour we do not only visit birding hotspots in Cairns, but make our way down south along the coast to find Southern Cassowary and some other species to add to our list. This tour also includes a nocturnal session during which we will look for owls. Little Red Boobook and Rufous are targets on this tour. Guests book their own accommodation in Cairns from which they will be picked up on both the morning of day 1 and the morning of day 2.

The number of birds seen on this tour will range from 90-110 species and sometimes more, depending on the time of the year. Key species include: Southern Cassowary, Black-necked Stork, Little Kingfisher, Papuan Frogmouth, White-bellied Sea-eagle, Double-eyed Fig-parrot, Crimson Finch, Lovely Fairy-wren, plenty of waders, the two owls mentioned above and of course a myriad of other birds and possible vagrants.  

two full day tours (2 x 10 hrs)
One nocturnal session (2-3 hrs)

Min. 2 persons, max. 4 persons

Pick up at accommodation in Cairns

Meals not included 


     tour price:       $920 p.p.        (min. 2 pers.)  

Carbon offsetting contribution included in tour price: AU$ 10 per person

This tour starts at 7.00am and ends at 6.00pm, with a 1 hour lunch break. Alternative start times and longer lunch breaks (in your hotel room e.g.) are advised from November-April as this is the hottest time of the year. The amount of time spent in the field would not be less because of this arrangement. 


outside Australia: +61 439 817 214
In australia: 0439817214