Eyes on Wildlife acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land that we explore on our tours, we pay our respects to their Elders past and present. 

Welcome to the Atherton Tablelands, Wet Tropics Bioregion and surrounds. 

I started Eyes on Wildlife to get you up close with our amazing wildlife and their environment, but also to share my skills which involve finding wildlife, and understanding the intricate relationships between animals and the ecosystem they live in. If you return home from a tour more conservation-minded, awestruck, or motivated to explore nature around your home, then I will consider my efforts worthwhile. Together we can make this a better world for our wildlife, ourselves and nature in general!

It is not hard to be impressed by our wildlife and natural environment. We have an exceptional biological diversity which few other regions in the world can compete with. The Atherton Tablelands has a very high density of wildlife in general with a high percentage of endangered wildlife. A large area of the Atherton Tablelands is part of the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics of Queensland.  

Would you like to see and photograph some of the most amazing and rare wildlife in the world, learn new skills that will help you go out and find wildlife on your own, or simply enjoy a wonderful day, half day or night in our fantastic Wet Tropics? Have a look at the tours page to find out which tour(s) would suit you. Get up close with birds, possums and other marsupials like the Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo or Broad-toed Feather-tailed Glider - the smallest gliding mammal in the world, geckos, frogs, our wonderful Platypus and so many other critters.

Join me for a most rewarding and wonderful wildlife experience and book a wildlife tour today!

Your guide, Patrick

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Nocturnal Wet Tropics Tour (2.5 hrs)
Nocturnal Exploration Tour (4hrs)
Atherton Tablelands Birding Tour
Mammals Galore Tour
Cairns Birding Tour (full day)
Cairns  - Cassowary Coast Birding Tour (2 days)
Birding Cairns-Atherton-Cairns - 3 days
Wet Tropics Birding Tour - 4 days
Cape York Birding Tours
Ultimate Wet Tropics Mammals Expedition - 10 days
Rare Wildlife Expeditions
Cape York Mammals Expedition - 6 days

Patrick in the field with Gouldian Finches


"...Patrick De Geest of Eyes on Wildlife is one of the top 3 guides in the world that I have ever had the pleasure of travelling with. Highly recommended!" Russell Graham top birder from the USA, listed top 50 in the world with more than 8000 species seen. Facebook review December 2017.

"A day with Patrick is like being in your favourite nature television programme; we were privileged to benefit from his wide knowledge, his enthusiasm and his amazing ability to spot animals and birds. Two great days. The Eggebert/Walker family.", UK. email August 2018.

"It doesn’t get better. I had the most amazing spotlighting experience ever. I’ve been spotlighting and teaching about Australian mammals since the early 70's. Even written some kids books about these amazing creatures. Wow. I saw three possum species I had never seen. Plus you must experience the remarkable striped possum. Tree kangaroos were on call.  Got magical photos of a platypus, gecko and frog. I learned heaps. On my own I wouldn’t have found all these animals in a month. (I think we found a dozen species) This is a one of a kind experience seeing this many native mammals, half unique to these tablelands. These animals are very illusive and you won’t see most in a zoo. I’m also a wildlife photographer exploring across Australia and this is the best one day tour I’ve done." Bob Winters (one of the most experienced and published environmental educators in Australia) email September 2019 

"We had an excellent experience with Partick in later August 2022. We went on the 4 hour nocturnal trip (6:15pm till a little after 10:30pm) . Patrick is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and it was a pleasure wandering the Atherton forests at night, guided by Patrick. (One of us has health issues, but was fine with the limited amount of walking needed, as we drove from spot to spot) We saw Northern Yellow-bellied Glider, Northern Greater Glider, Green Ring-tailed Possum, Herbert River Ring-tailed Possum, Lemuroid Ring-tailed Possum, Common Brush-tailed Possum, Long-tailed Pygmy Possum, Rufous Bettong, Red-legged Pademelon, Fawn-footed Melomys, Spectacled Flying-fox, Eastern Barn Owl, Northern Leaf-tailed Gecko
and Chameleon Gecko. We would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in nature." Craig S. August 2022 -Tripadvisor.   

"The best days birding we have ever done thanks to the brilliant Patrick . His knowledge of the local birds was outstanding. Can’t wait to go again." Rob & Louise August 2022 - Tripadvisor.                                                                                          

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